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As in Quora, can it be done in q2a to to have some extra fields in user profile which actually just says
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
And clicking on anyone of these will take us to their social accounts. What users have to do is to embed a link in these words (for example "Facebook").
The current link system for user profile is good but that would lead us to leave very long links in profile. A simple plugin for this would be awesome.

This is a pic for example (taken form buddypress wordpress)

Funny thing! I was just working in a (non-free!) plugin for this. It was a bit more dynamic than your example. Here is a preview of it: https://i.imgflip.com/kr03v.gif Note the main button image is actually taken from my Facebook profile :)
Great Gabriel, you are certainly developing one of the best social plugin. I have seen such a social plugin script on Github but I hadn't thought that you are also going to develop something just like for Q2A.
Awesome work bro... :)

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I am going to work on it
That's great @senseiii... :)