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I am trying to use the Q2A in our services website, where we are trying to get some custom features. 

  • Like if someone is doing a question or an answer, his location should be visible. 
  • I am trying to figure out, what a visitor is looking for. By knowing what pages he has visited on QandA section of the website. 
  • While a visitor is visiting a page. I want to create suggestions for him on the side with most probable answers as you can see on stackoverflow. 
Jodi Weiand - Developer and Senior HR at http://ioandco.com/

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You can add Google analytics to your site and it will show visitors info, country and exact location. Also it will show what they are browsing on your site in real time. You can get monthly/yearly detail log, questions visited etc.

for suggestions like stackoverflow, add related questions in sidebar using widget. admin->layout->related questions widget.