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Usually, no error occurs. However, it will be error in a specific environment. This line depends on the special specification of PHP. It is very fragile.

$minphp *= 1024;  // minphp is "xxG / xxM / xxK"

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I don't really think there can be an error in the qa_get_max_upload_size(). Indeed the $minphp variable can have a string such as "xM". The thing is that given the dynamic nature of the PHP language, it manages to juggle with the types and perform a string to number conversion. In short, it takes all digits up to the G/M/K and then multiplies it by 1024.

Indeed it is a bit dirty, IMO, but I don't really think it can result in any bug (or at least I can't think of any input that would break the function and generate an unexpected result).

In fact, PHP guys actually suggested a very similar approach.

There is just a silly thing, though (which even happens on the approach suggested in the documentation). The output value of that function can be either a (numeric) string or a number. In general, this shouldn't be an issue (because of the type juggling) but it can be prevented by casting it before returning the value.

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Thanks pupi1985 for your reply. However, error actually occurs in PHP 7.1.2. This function has to be improved.
Basis that I claim:
Interesting. I'm not quite up-to-date with the new changes in latest PHP versions. Anyway, the output of the function won't change. The only issue would be a few extra lines in the log (the notices). I agree with you anyway. It should be updated
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Already reported with fix suggestions:

This has been fixed in the 1.8 branch.