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On click of menu on mobile browser, it opens pop-up and redirects to other site. I am unable to find source of infection to correct it. Please help.


I don't get any popup on mobile or desktop. And I don't see anything in the HTML source that would cause problems. Are you sure it's not a problem with your computer/phone?

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General advice if you found yourself in a situation like this:

Update your Q2A, your plugins, and themes to latest version. it might also be a good idea to remove all older files(except config.php and uploaded image and other static files) and upload latest version of each, since there might be extra infected files on your site which won't be over-written. also check config.php itself for codes which is not a part of source.

as an extra measure change your admin passwords, both for Q2A and Hosting panel.

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At first, you should fix JS error. For Example ...


You can confirm it with developer tools console. Solution to the problem is after that.