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I'm currently using the custom input area on question and i want users to insert an youtube link.
How can i display this content with HTML?

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Did you take your time to look at the question2answers Addons here: http://docs.question2answer.org/addons/

There is a plugin for that Called Embed Youtube Plugin by NoahY that converts links to YouTube videos into embedded videos when displaying questions, answers or comments.

Download it from https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-embed

Yeah i have tried this addon but it's not working. After installing it when i'm activating it and clicking the save button. The checkbox remains unchecked when going back to settings.

I don't know if this addon might be outdated or something?  
Actually what i'm trying to do with the site is having an "iframe" object into the question.
Sorry for that sir, But you could try and amend the issue. I believe it is a minor issue.
Anyway he is a modified version https://github.com/gurjyot/q2a-embed by Gurjyot Singh
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Please try out the modified version of Embed Youtube Plugin from https://github.com/gurjyot/q2a-embed by Gurjyot Singh. It should do you good.