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There are some errors that are not fixed such as

  1. The question words in Arabic do not appear in the link url
    But show if the question is in English
  2. The Favorites image appears above the account name instead of the question


Q2A version: 1.8

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Good you reported this issue, I will file on Github and track for resolution. Please dont use latest version from Github for production site. You can try on test site and report all issue.

Here is one more issue I reported for latest Github version. I'm testing normal version of Q2A (not RTL)

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1. Looks like you fixed this on your site. It's due to the option "Remove accents from URLs" which now removes all non-ASCII characters (after accents have been converted like é -> e). So for sites in another language like yours, you should have the option off.

2. I don't get that issue here. Have you made modifications to the SnowFlat theme? The HTML for the heading on your site does not match what I have here. The changes in this commit should fix the issue. 

this is very good
But I have a request if a section or question can be created so that the new features can be discussed and tested and the errors detected.
Sure, I could make a thread every so often with the new features if people want to test them.

But keep in mind v1.8 is still "alpha", not in beta yet, so some features may not be ready.