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Hello, first thanks for the great script. Second, in 1.3 themes were working great. I have installed the developer preview and my custom theme is not working despite being selected/resaved, the default theme is being used. Second, in both 1.3 and in 1.4 the reCaptcha returns "Please complete the anti-spam verification" even though it has been completed. I only upgraded to 1.4 prematurely in hopes it would be resolved. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Can you post a link to you site please?

Feel free to email me and I can get you backend access if needed. Thanks again.
Still need help with this. Willing to pay $ to get it resolved. Please help if you can.

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The first problem, of the theme not being loaded, is due to a bug introduced in the 1.4 developer preview. You can fix it by either:

  1. Creating an empty file named qa-theme.php in your theme directory.
  2. Changing the following line of code in qa-app-format.php:

if (!(file_exists(QA_THEME_DIR.$theme.'/qa-theme.php') && file_exists(QA_THEME_DIR.$theme.'/qa-styles.css')))

... to ...

if (!file_exists(QA_THEME_DIR.$theme.'/qa-styles.css'))

As for the captcha problem, it looks like your private key is too short by 9 characters, at least compared to private keys I've seen elsewhere. So please try copying it again from the reCAPTCHA site. [I could see the private key because the site owner gave me temporary admin access.]