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I have already asked this question twice:



and here:


why is it so difficult to use ckEditor for wall posts and private messages?
Q2A version: 1.74

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I always wanted to have this as a default feature for pages but due to low priority it is not implemented. There was one plugin long back but it is not available now.

@Scott, @pupi1985, please see if you can add this feature in v1.8. It will be nice.

This was the featured I suggested in 2011, as a top 5 required features. Almost 6 year back. :(


5. WYSIWYG editor to edit pages.

that means this forum is dead :(
As I mentioned before, I can not add any feature to Q2A. I'm just a "Registered user" whose only extra privilege is "Voting posts down", same as you guys :)
@Armin Etemadi, this forum is not dead. Only thing is this feature was never on high priority. There are many features that are suggested by user but not implemented, it is because of time and importance.  

Look at the current version of Q2A and see how many features it support. Also pls dont forget it is free software supported by ONLY Q2A passionate people.
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It is very very very easy to add an Editor to Wall Post and Private Messages!!!

But who cares about CKEditor? I don't care that much!

So, I used TinyMCE instead. Does exactly what you want, and you can customize it to death.



I suggest we move on. :)
With this approach, many powerful plugins are exposed. And o yes, a proper File/Image Browser
Thank you:
1- Any working demo so I can see TinyMCE  is used for wall post and private messages too?
2- If it is that easy why dont you share it with us ?
If you click the link I posted, you will see a working live demo.
Or in your own test site use one second to download the plugin from Github, another second to install it, then another second to test the whole thing out.

It is really easy. You can even learn something by perusing the code

1- Sorry but I could not see the ink to demo.
2- For some reason after installation it does not change the default editor!
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Nope! I tried again! It shows this
More information for the question:
Format: newEditor: html(MARKDOWN)Min: 0/0

and shows no editbox at all!

sorry I spent over an hour to get it to work! did not work!
also please check the the zip file. there is duplicate copy of the plugin zipped inside the root!!
DEMO: http://www.leofec.com/demo/question2answer/7/features-tinymcwrapper-rt-md-editor-for-question2answer

LOGIN to use full features

ASK A QUESTION or COMMENT to test the editor

If you see "Format: newEditor: html(MARKDOWN)Min: 0/0"
That means it is working.

That is the modern inline mode of TinyMCE. You need to select text or right click to see the toolbar/contextmenu.
In the admin panel you can disable inline mode to look like CKEditor or other old editors.
You closed registration, I cannot login to your website
I need to try out the wal post/ private message using wysiwyg as my primary goal.
but again, it is not working on my installation of latest q2a. please try to install it for yourself.Please try exactly the same version available on the git
No need for registration. Once you click LOGIN, it will automatically log you in. Of course for security reasons on that site, Private Message and Wall Posts are not supported in Q2A SSO. But this editor has been tested on all these areas.

What is the version of your "latest q2a" ?
This editor was designed for 1.7.4 . unless something mysterious has broken, that version on Github works perfectly as attested by @arjunsuresh

I'll make a video for you when I get time.
Or please record what you are doing and send me a link