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Well, I am a staff member in a programming community with six years and about 20 000 members. And actualy we use SMF as the Forum system, and we are thinkin about integrating Q2A into our forum. As a separate application, but sharing the same user database. And we would also like to create a plugin for moving questions from the Q&A to the Forum and posts from the forum to the Q&A. I would like to know if that is possible to do with the actual plugin system. Our actual requirements are:

  • Having a button in the question for moving the question
  • Having a page where we could pass some parameters to configure the action before moving the question.
  • Create a special question to redirect to the forum post




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Hi Scorch and welcome! With the plugin functionality coming in the 1.4 developer preview (hopefully next week), all of this will be possible. Your plugin code would need to manage a database table that maps questions to forum posts. The rest could be done with a theme layer and a page module.
Ok, thanks, so I will wait. :)