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Hi there

In Q2A server configuration, right now we use Nginx Apache. I wanna migrate to Nginx PHP-FPM. Do you recommend to migrate to PHP-FPM?

Is Q2A compatible with PHP-FPM? What other modules should be installed so that Q2A will be working properly?

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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Yes, it works straight away. No specific configuration required for Q2A.

For my site I felt almost the same performance for both Apache and PHP-FPM, the latter may be slightly better. But nothing significant.
I have a web site site.com/qa/
PHP + FPM. With this bundle, only the home page of the site works. Internals links return me to site.com on page 404
I switch to the CGI mode, everything works again.
What could be the problem?