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Some times, my users are not able to login using facebook (FB plugin included in the core).


1. Facebook is logged in on other tab

2. Try to login to q2a by clicking FB-Login button

3. Pop-up will appear & disappear immediately. (Page doesn't refresh after that)

4. User is not logged-in

One work around (Doesn't work every time) is to open Facebook in another tab, logout & login through q2a.

Does anyone else facing same issue? Any solution for it?
Q2A version: 1.7.4 & 1.8
It makes sense for the popup to immediately close if the user is authenticated. That should generate a refresh and the user should get automatically logged in into Q2A. Are you saying the user is not logged in after doing so? Can you provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce this (I've been unable to do so)?

Is this happening with the FB client from the FB plugin included in the core or with the FB client included in the open-login plugin?
@pupi1985, I have updated question description,
Close all private sessions in your browser. Open a new private session. Navigate to facebook and login. In that tab navigate to your application's URL. Does a refresh happen and you get automatically logged in?

But the point is, this bug doesn't appear every time. But once we hit this situation, only work around is to logout facebook
Any updates?
From my side, I've been unable to reproduced the situation you mention. I always see the popup that closes quickly and then I'm logged in. I tried around 20 times and tested throttling my internet connection in case it was some network delay issue.
@pupi1985, Thanks for the quick update... :)
Are you using any other social login plugin also?
Yes, I am using q2a-share (git://github.com/NoahY/q2a-share.git)
May be you can try without that. I had a similar issue when I used facebook plugin along with open-login plugin. Now, I'm using only open-login plugin and it works fine.
Thanks Arjun, I will give a try..
@arjunsuresh, open-login worked fine for me. Thanks for the suggestion.
you are welcome :)

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Same problem

Facebook login problem reloading the page only without login.
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There is issue with fb login in v1.7.4. This is fixed now, you can take below one file from github and update in your plugin dir.


download file base_facebook.php and upload to your /qa-plugin/facebook-login/ v1.7.4 dir. It should work.