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I have been working on Noah's Q2A-Book plugin and as of now, I have made quite a decent looking book. If anyone is interested I can make this available as an extension to the current plugin (free only). This is the sample PDF - (Sorry, it is a bit bulky).

Current features include- option to specify filters based on question title and tag, include non-answered questions, and topic wise categorization based on tags and chapters based on categories. Also, navigation is more smoother- which can be seen in the PDF below. I'll try to make an ebook too- but still a bit far as it has a lot of MathJax equations.


You can download it here:


Q2A version: 1.8

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Waiting for this...
@arjunsuresh, Thanks a lot :)
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Can't wait for this to become available... Is there any workaround to Noah's original idea of having to 'opt-out' of categories. So that the default is to actually opt in?
Oh :O I thought no one wanted this. It is already done, I just have to find the code and upload. And yes, I have added some filter options and basically any kind of options can be added for making the required HTML from admin panel.
Wonderful... Thanks a million for your efforts in reviving this!
You are welcome...