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I am usind the default editor and I can't seem to find the pdf file upload tool.  Where can I do this?

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Go to :

Admin ---> Plugins ---> "WYSIWYG Editor"

and check the option :

"Allow other content to be uploaded, e.g. Flash, PDF"

and save changes.

On the editor you'll have now a new tab ("Upload") on the link dialog :



Nice Answer...Really Helpful..
I just wanted to say that I searched this answer before, found it in text, but what a great reply...detailed, to the point and my personal favorite...pictures!  Thank you.
Thanks eparisek, I appreciate your comment ! :-)
asked Mar 25, 2014 in Plugins by How to embed uploaded PDF files?
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Hi there

You said that you using the default editor and can't seem to find the pdf file upload tool.If you want to do that ,you can just try some free trail from pdf processing SDK.That would help you out.