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I'm sorry to fire a number of questions at you while I'm testing this software for my site.

At the home page of my test version of this software (http://gendercentre.com/qa), it says that the test question "What is the meaning of life?" is authored by anonymous. However, when I click on that question, it then says it is authored by the user tomofmelbourne. This occurs when I am logged in as tomofmelbourne. Why would this discrepancy be happening - is it because I may have selected "I wrote this" on what was previously an anonymously-authored question? (I'm not sure if I did do this - i can't remember but I'm wondering if that's the most plausible reason.)

When I'm NOT logged in as tomofmelbourne, the same question is shown on the home page as being authored by "me". When I click on the question, the authorship is attributed to "tomofmelbourne". I'm also wondering why the author credit isn't the same here because it might be a bit confusing?

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I went through this process on your site, creating the question anonymously, then registering as a user, then claiming the question as my own by clicking 'I wrote this'.

At each stage it showed the author consistently between the listing page and the question page.

Could it be that you saw this problem because you hadn't refreshed one of the pages?
I just went through the process again and now it's working OK for me too. My apologies - I don't know what I did. I'm sorry to trouble you with that issue.