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Database query error 1411

Incorrect string value: '::1' for function inet_aton

INSERT INTO qa_users (created, createip, email, passsalt, passcheck, level, handle, loggedin, loginip) VALUES (NOW(), COALESCE(INET_ATON('::1'), 0), 'admin@gmail.com', 'q4yd0fs6tke8e6y0', UNHEX('8a5485ba3e82dda588461fdb8f333dbcddd9d433'), 120, 'admin', NOW(), COALESCE(INET_ATON('::1'), 0))

Got this error after installing and on the process of creating the super administrator of the site 

Localhost, Windows, IIS

Q2A version: 1.7.4
also I have this error, but I think that error cause is the php version because formerly my Q2A work perfect after I updated the php version on my host it can't work.
before update :
tested with out error
php version : 5.5

after update :
tested with have this error
php version : 5.6 , 7.0.1
Issue is due to IPv6 - you can use the 1.8 branch which fixes this.

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