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This plugin will allow you to add Email Subscription box in sidebar.

  • Currently it supports Google Feedburner only but will add other services soon.
  • Google feedburner will send list of new questions to all email subscriber every day.
  • Easy to get daily update on your Q2A site

Admin Interface

Subscription box in sidebar

Download Plugin (Its FREE!)



Plugin is active on http://q2a-dev.prothoughts.com

Need new feature in this plugin?

Write to me: http://prothoughts.com/contact/

Q2A version: 1.7.4
wow, thank you. But is there any way to limit the number of emails to be sent?
Google feedburner sends every day email ONLY if there are new question to all subscribed users. It is FREE service.

Feedburner fetches QA from RSS feed. (like http://question2answer.org/qa/feed/questions.rss)

I will add other paid services like mailchimp  etc later, where you can control sending emails (when to send) and also send custom designed newsletter.

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