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Many people have requested a plug-in to allow a user to pay per answers, but so far there is nothing.

I get over 100 questions a day on my site, but unfortunately, the people that help me answer questions and I don't have enough time to answer all the questions.

My idea is to allow a user post a questions for free, then pay (in front) a flat minimum amount ($1, $2 or $3) to move the question to the top of the list.

Also, if possible pay (in front)  a flat rate ($5) to get question answer.

I'm offering $100 to develop the plug-in, hopefully, someone else can add more money and then have the plug-in free here.
There is featured question plugin, you can think of making payment using paypal and then mark that question as a featured.

It will be good to have kind of plugin you want.
@prothoughts Superb idea

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Anyone? Any developer want to work on this?
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I think I can do it.

However, I am on different time-critic projects.

So earliest would be end of this year. Or even beginning next year.

I would then open source the plugin, if there are more donations.