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I've tested Question2Answer during three days, and I like the application very much. But I had to decide to go without Question2Answer, because I was not able to find a suitable responsive theme. In general, it seems that there are not many fully responsive themes available. But, I've bought three responsive themes (most probably the most popular ones). I all cases I was disappointed. The biggest issue was always the front-end usability, which is from my point-of-view essential for a community-based site like a questions & answer portal.
I'm using Donut which is free. Any issues with that?
Well, Donut is for sure the most advanced responsive theme for Question2Answer. I like the approach using Bootstrap, but it seems to be quite challeging to bring the Q2A functionality together with Bootstrap. The homepage looks good on a mobile phone, but the answer page lacks of usability (perhaps also because text floaring seems not working).
okay. I guess that is more to do with the editor being in use as the theme just uses the Q2A editor. There are some editors which are mobile friendly for q2A, but I havent tried any. I guess they should solve your issues. Simplest would be to use a basic editor for mobile, but this means user can type text only.
Can you be more specific about the problems with current themes?
There are many responsive themes are available. You also can use SnowFlat which is package included. However, if you are not satisfied with the bundled and other marketplace themes then you should go for the custom theme. Only down point is that it will be way expensive than buying from a marketplace.

Question2Answer is very flexible enough to do maximum theme customization. If you are talking about text editors than there are few plugins.

It is advisable to provide specific issue or requirements so here people may help you to find a solution.

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