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I am looking to add user tags.  These tags are going to be used to match people with unanswered questions with tags that match questions they have already answered. For example, if a person has already answered a question with tag 'x', that tag would become part of their profile. This person can also add tags to their own profile as areas of interest or skills. There are a couple ways I am looking at doing this. 

  1. Adapting the Badges plugin (by NoahY) by resetting Badge names for the tags/skills in question and setting that "badge" to be applied when
    • User has answered a question with that tag
    • Adding endorsements to that user profile tag when the answer is upvoted
  2. Autotagging user profile with tags for questions they have answered, forgetting the Badges plugin
    • Adding a custom field which allows for tags to be added to the user profile. 
      • This would require some change to the Admin>Users panel because current options are only plain text or URL for custom profile fields 
      • Adding tags column to User profile and setting the upper bound limit 

Any guidance/feedback would be helpful. 

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