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I've searched the forums and looked through the /pages/login.php file. I've also read the module logins page in the wiki. I'm still grasping at how to actually pass user login / registration info to q2a from my external page. I'm really not great with php. Would anyone be kind enough to help me with a basic example of how I can take the email/pw and pass it into q2a and how I can do the same with registration fields? I would be forever grateful.

I'm not using openID or facebook or any of the other login plugins. Just a simple email/password.


Q2A version: latest
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I'm using SSO. All Q2A needs is user ID, and then grab username and email from your supplying DB.
I'll share an example when I get the chance.

BTW, what platform is handling your users?  CMS?
i also need this example badly :(

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