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My site has been suspended twice cause Q2A Has been sending out spam mail, I reinstalled a fresh copy last night and the next day, My site was suspended again, I have copy of all the files and plugins, Ian using version 1.74, can some one please have a look at it and tell me if they can find anything wrong with it, I can email a copy of the files just send me a email at thejbforum@gmail.com and I will send you what I have...

update, here is what my web host sent me that the qta was doing

Account is suspended due to sending spam emails. There are a lot of messages with subject 'Your Questionsrus comment has been added to' , bellow you have these 4 example mail logs:

2016-06-11 09:14:26 [514045] 1bBik6-0029j3-Mf <= no-reply@questionsrus.com U=allbridg P=local S=2345 M8S=0 id=647e39471794b3a2d4dc950ce52e43b8@questionsrus.com T="Your Questionsrus comment has been added to" from <no-reply@questionsrus.com> for anifihaga@4prkrmmail.net
2016-06-11 09:14:26 [514065] 1bBik6-0029jN-Sm <= no-reply@questionsrus.com U=allbridg P=local S=2337 M8S=0 id=cc647135ccd855128a494218d701de7a@questionsrus.com T="Your Questionsrus comment has been added to" from <no-reply@questionsrus.com> for upkaji@formdmail.net
2016-06-11 09:14:27 [514085] 1bBik7-0029jh-17 <= no-reply@questionsrus.com U=allbridg P=local S=2337 M8S=0 id=1e79bcca72bf6f11b57048fd53678e80@questionsrus.com T="Your Questionsrus comment has been added to" from <no-reply@questionsrus.com> for atenequw@gmaildd.com

Could you kindly explain if this is something you are aware ? Is it possible to consider using a remote SMTP service like mailgun.com or critsend.com ?
Q2A version: 1.74
okay, if you don't mind then you can email me your DB dump file. I can give you a temporary hosting service for a few days and see if there is any issue.
Thanks, I may take you up on that, But I want to see  happens after I get this smtp server set up.
okay :) That should solve the issue as well but only if the generated emails are not actually spams.
I think what Iam going to do when I get the site back up and running is send out a general mail letting people know do to spammers all account will be deleted and if they want their accounts they will simply have reregister them...

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That's kind of a strange reason to mark something as spam. The same thing happens even with huge sites like Twitter/Facebook, they send out emails with subjects like "you have a new follower" and must send out millions of these a day.

You may be able to get around this by making the subjects more unique. Most of the emails sent have extra parameters that can be added to the language files, though it seems these are not documented well.

Example: in the file qa-include/lang/qa-lang-emails.php, you can edit the lines with 'c_commented_subject' and 'q_answered_subject' to these:

'c_commented_subject' => 'Your ^site_title comment has been added to by ^c_handle',

'q_answered_subject' => 'Your ^site_title question was answered by ^a_handle',

So there will be much less duplication.

As for external mail services, yes you may find these work better. Honestly I've had nothing but problems with email provided by web hosts, always way too unreliable in my experience. Mailgun or Sparkpost are great alternatives.

I have not even sent out any emails Scott, This stuff just started all of a sudden, Ive have had the site up for months, I tell people about the site on other sites trying to get people to join, So far Iam basically the only real person that has really posted on it, I did have a bunch of spam I left on it for a while that people were posting But I deleted that, right now  Iam trying to work with the web host by setting up a private smtp with bullitmail.com in order to get the site back up and running...
Emails are sent out automatically when someone answers a question, if the asker ticked the box "Email me..." when they posted the question. If you've had a bunch of spam answers/comments they may have been answering/commenting on their own posts and got those emails sent out.

Do you know what is the content of the emails being sent? Is it the usual Q2A format? Like this


Your question on Question2Answer Q&A has been answered by [user]:


Your question was:

Scott, I was basically the only person asking questions short of a few spam advertisements, so there was not people asking or answering comments or anything like that...