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I search a plugin for add a upload button on ma qa website

I have try a lot of tricks but they don't work.

I wan't a very simple button : when we click on it we upload an image on the server and this image show on the editor. 

I have try to add Button on Markdown editor but postimages.com have update his service and i don't have the addform.html

I have try to download plugin and modify ckeditor4

And the image upload on WYSIWYG Editor is to hard for my qa users 

If someone have a free and simple solution for this problem i think it will be helpfull for a lot of users

Thank, and sorry for my bad english i'm french

Q2A version: 1.7
If you want a better editor, I would advice the sceditor plugin: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/sceditor

Note: The upload feature is only premium, not in the free version.
Will elFinder work for you?
fiching site...

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i have the same problems with the editors.

We want a free and simple solution, just a button to upload an image (into a question or answer).

Do you have any idea?
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I have same problem. It would be great if markdown editor had upload feature.

I think Scott could add this feature to markdown editor.
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@tempo did you try TinymceWrapper (Miranda) yet?

It provides a complete solution to all (I hope) your editing needs. Use elFinder to drag n drop files to your server, or click image or link button on toolbar to upload stuff - pretty painless!!!!!!

@fara in Markdown mode of Miranda, you have the complete access to elFinder too, which is the best free File Browser/Manager out there.

OH! and TinymceWrapper is free, free as in free!!

sorry but i don't know about editors.

you said:
1) i can use TinyMCE. Great but how can i install and use TinyMCE into q2a?
2) i can use this https://www.tinymce.com/docs/configure/file-image-upload/ or this http://justboil.me/ ?
i installed this plugin....next?
Go to http://justboil.me/ and download that TinyMCE file upload plugin.
Please read his instructions. It's not my plugin so I can't answer questions about it.

When you are directed to implement what you read... You'll find the TinymceWrapper Q2A admin options very useful and revealing.