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I have a website. On one of the page of my website, I want to add the question2answer functionality to display q & a etc. Please le me ASAP.
Can you be more specific? What exactly do you want to display?
You might find this helpful: http://docs.question2answer.org/code/external/
Yes, I have a page on my website. On that page at the top, I want to add Q & A like your website/functionality provides. I mean your default functionality.

I also want to use my DB table for login as user are already registered.

Please let me know.

Your question was:

I want to add question2answer on my own page of my website.
As far as I understood, you need a Q2A website along with your existing website and want to add the navigation link to your main website navigation.

In that case, you just need to install Q2A separately than your website and then add the navigation link to your website so when user click it will take them to the Q2A website.
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No, actually I need to display Q2A  on my website page not link. I have a space on my page where Q2A  will be displayed.

And I need to use my own Database table to login on Q2A .

Please let me know.
Although quite oddly phrased, the OP wants:

Single Sign On (SSO).
Q2A to work with existing user database.

What the OP did not specify is the nature of existing platform/CMS etc.

If it is a custom user feed, nobody can help you without knowing how your setup is.
If it's MODX, see my tutorials/demo.
If it's WordPress, there is an official bridge for that.
It is a custom page with PHP back-end and MYSQL DB.

I want to open Q2A functionality for all. I don't want any registration for now.

One can come and post questions/answers whatever they want. Is it possible?

And I want to use Q2A on my page as a widget. Is is possible?

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