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I am trying the last 4 hours !!!! to display the number of favorite questions of each user in my advanced theme. i am using the code below:

$userfaved = qa_db_select_with_pending(qa_db_user_points_selectspec($handle));

$this->output(''.$userfaved['favorites'].' '.qa_lang_html('main/my_favorites').'');

but it doesnt work as it returns Undefined "favorites"... What i am doing wrong here ???? I am using similar code to get the number of questions a user asked and it works pretty fine !
Q2A version: 1.6.x
@scott @gidgreen could you please give me a direction ??
I'm not on the computer at the moment, but if you can't get the shortcut code of Q2A to work for you, I suggest querying the database yourself. I'll whip up something...
@donshakespeare thank you for responding and waiting for your answer ;)
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What is the SQL query that returns the number of favorites a user has already favorited ???

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$userid = qa_get_logged_in_userid(); //id of currently logged in user 
$getFCount = qa_db_read_all_assoc(qa_db_query_sub("
  SELECT userid FROM demo_qa_userfavorites // "demo" is used as example
  WHERE userid = '$userid'
$getFCount = count($getFCount); //count item in array
echo $getFCount;
Thanks for your valuable help !! It worked like a charm...
Glad it worked, cheers!