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Hi i would like to have the favorite star next to every question that listed on the home page. i would like my visitors to add directly a question into their favorite page without the need to open a question first and then click on the favorite star.

Is there a plugin for that? If no how can i add the favorite code so it displays the favorite star next to each question on the home page?

Could you provide me some instructions on how to do it ?


Thanks in advance
Q2A version: 1.6.x
Can anyone help?
Good idea, just to think if someone has more than 50-60 fav questions???
I need this function for my website. it really doesnt matter if someone has 50 or 100 fav questions, I know that it could be done and i need some help from the experienced users to do that.

I will appreciate it a lot if someone could give me some instructions
Thanks :)
Anyone? I really need this function

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Please look this function qa_favorite_form($entitytype, $entityid, $favorite, $title)

I tried almost evryhing but cant figured it out. I can display the star favorited button next to each question on the home page but when i click on it nothing happens. I cant understand why !!!!! Could anyone give ne more detailed instructions?

As i wrote above i really need that function. I know that there are very experienced and talented programmers here that can give a solution.

Thanks one more time
That function will not help. It identifies the DOM element with a fixed "favoriting" id which will be shared among all the forms. You will have to implement the behaviour almost from scratch
Is there any plugin to do something like that ?