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This is filthy but few big websites using this kind of plugin to boost traffic. So basically whatever keywords used by user on Search Engine, they will be trapped and display on the page.

Example of keywords generated by users:


Keyword harvested:

Our contributors said this page should be displayed for the questions below. (Where do these come from)

How old is jjustin beiber?  How old is justing biber?  What is justin age?  What age justine bieber?  How old is junstin beiber?  How old in jusyin bieber?  Age of justine bieber?  How oldis justin beiber?  How old is justin bibert?  How old is justin bibber?  How old is judtin bieber?  How old is jsutin beiber?  How old is justin beird?  How old is justen biber?  How old is justin'?  How old iS justin bier?  Is justin breber 11?  Who is jastin bieber?  Is justin beiber 19?  Is justin 15? 
Sort of like SEO Search Terms Tagging Plugin for wordpress.
Is this plugin possible to be used on Q2A? It would be great!
Great idea.

I looked at your example page and there they explain where the questions come from. Apparently they ask users for what other questions this answer should come up.

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That is a completely useless optimization. Think about it: if you are already appearing in search results for that search term, you will already have the keywords (or a variation of them) on the page.

Why do you need to spam your page with the same repeating keywords? That's bad for users and bad for Google (keyword spam), so just don't do it.
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I am looking for such a plugin...
I agree, it help for SEO