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As an admin I used to have a smooth working site for a year and suddenly since a week ago all my new users's registerations, posts, comments' notifications and even users don't any more receive email confirmation sendouts. I am now confirming new email addresses manually but this can't last forever.

I have not changed any of the settings of my server or my site for at least a year. Any ideas on why these notifications have stopped?


This is my site.

Q2A version: 1.6.3
What happens when you try to confirm your email manually? (e.g. it would be http://www.noorpods.com/?qa=confirm on your site)

Do you get any errors?
No, I created a test username and I got it's emailcode from the database and created a link something like this: http://noorpods.com/confirm?c=p2aow8zo&u=jim and it was fine. The email got confirmed without any error.  Users get their access when I create them a confirmation link but I still dont receive any notification about new posts, new users etc from my site!
Have you changed anything on your site recently? For example upgraded Q2A. If not, it sounds like a problem with your email provider or host.

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