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I already asked this long time before. The given solution was to use the Plugin "Q2A-WP pack", but now years later there is perhaps a integrated solution to replace the Wordpress comments with Q2A forums.

I am planing a website with Wordpress and Q2A and I want to replace all the WP comment functionality with Q2A forums. After each wp post there should be a Q2A "Ask a question" box and in the best case the x newest questions from the same category of the post from Q2A.

Is there a solution or have I to make it with the Plugin (every author has to insert manualy the shortcode for the Q2A forum or widget). I saw a solution with CM Answers, there I can replace the wp comment system with the CM Answers forum (but CM Answers is not a solution for me because it's far away from all the features integrated in Q2A).

Thanks halfstone
Q2A version: 1.6

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So instead of comments, you want questions?

I think that may be possible, but it might not be straightforward.

I assume you're using the WP user integration.

For displaying the questions on Wordpress you'd need some kind of Wordpress plugin where instead of the comments box, you run some custom PHP code to fetch the questions. See here for some hints about accessing Q2A from external code.

Then you'd have a link to the Q2A ask page, with the category in the query string.

Does that cover it? Let me know if there's anything I missed.

Hi Scott,

yes I use the WP user integration.
And yes that covers the problem but is not a plugin. I's love to have a plugin which replaces the wp comment system completely with q2a.
But I see there is a way to do it with code as you wrote and also with the "Q2A-WP pack".

I think I have to try it out. Thanks for your help.