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What is the best config.php preparations for the website which has 1000,000 PV/day


    define('QA_HTML_COMPRESSION', true);
    define('QA_MAX_LIMIT_START', 19999);
    define('QA_IGNORED_WORDS_FREQ', 10000);
    define('QA_ALLOW_UNINDEXED_QUERIES', false);
    define('QA_OPTIMIZE_LOCAL_DB', true);
    define('QA_OPTIMIZE_DISTANT_DB', true);
    define('QA_PERSISTENT_CONN_DB', false);
    define('QA_DEBUG_PERFORMANCE', false);
    define('QA_DB_MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH', 90000);




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For HTML compression you probably want to turn it off in Q2A and turn it on at the server level instead (ie Apache/Nginx). Actually I think it's on by default for recent versions of Apache.

You shouldn't have both the DB options set to true. If your MySQL server is on the same box as the site (ie you're using 'localhost' to connect) then you should set local DB to true and distant DB to false. Or if MySQL is on a different box then do the opposite.

Besides that, you should make sure you're using the latest version of PHP. 5.6 has several performance gains, and the recently released PHP7 is even faster - typically twice as fast!

Might be worth looking into MariaDB as well - it's a drop-in replacement for MySQL and is supposedly faster.

By the way, your max content length is way too high - any post going up to the limit will break MySQL's row limit size (around 65,000).