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Can this be done..

My base site network today operates with Wordpress.. I want to add Q&A for 3 different domains integrated into the same wordpress user database.. How would I go about it ?

1. Should I install 3 copies of Q2A or is there an option to run multi sites from the same  Q2A base ?

2. Are there any readymade plugins for wordpress user integration or do I have to edit code and do whats specified in advanced setup ?

3. Any developers / coders that who you can recommend to do this for a fee ?

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Yes, you should install 3 copies of Q2A, and then use the advanced installation for single sign-on, for each of those 3 copies.

Someone has posted instructions here but I've not tried it myself:

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The solution posted here, using MySQL Views, works very well for me: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/2118/what-solutions-are-there-for-meta-discussion