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My Q2A website has about 140,000 visitor/day and about 400,000 PV/day

at the rush time when the visitors become more than 2000 online together it become very slow and some times go offline

To resolve it I did try cloudflare then paid SiteLock plan then I did transfer the website from 4GB RAM dedicated hosting to 8GB RAM

But it still loading slow at the rush hour of the traffic

How to resolve it

Am I have to migrate it to an other CMS like wordpress? because may be Q2A do not support heavy traffic

Or I have to create an other light theme for my Q2A website ?

Or I have to remove all the plugins

which are:

  • Embed v1.7
  • Event Logger v1.1
  • Example Page v1.1
  • Facebook Login v1.1.5
  • Google Custom Search v1.0.1
  • Most active users (per time interval) v1.2
  • Mouseover Layer v1.0.1
  • OpenSearch Support v1.0
  • Q2A Ultimate SEO v1.3
  • Search Datalist by Q2A Market v1.0
  • Simple Ads Manager v1.1
  • Tag Cloud Widget v1.0.1
  • Very Simple Bot Protection v1.0.2
  • Widget Anywhere v1.3.1
  • WYSIWYG Editor v1.1.1
  • XML Sitemap v1.1.1


Please assist me

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2000 online together - suppose the data transfer is 1MB for 1 user, this would be 2000 MB = 2GB data transfer from the server. I think this is easily over any single server limit and you would need to replicate the server/start using load balancing- sorry I do not have any information there.

Trying to use CDN for most of the server resource can help. Also, enabling large caching time for resources. Also, you can see if CPU or memory are reaching the limit on the server side.
But I do not think that each visitor will spend 1MB
I think it may be several KBs
Sure, if they are not first time visitors. Still, on an hour it would be around 1MB.  I guess easiest way is to see if CPU or memory is getting full.
Thank you the issue resolved
Cool. Could you please inform what was the real issue?
I did install www.nginxcp.com