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Hello, I am an IT contractor supporting a classroom environment for a gov client. My goal is to build a solution in which the students can "interact" with the instructor via polls, etc. Ive searched high and low without success...I just need to know is it possible to deploy a WAMP running Q2A WITHOUT internet access? I would like to have the server (wired) and about 40 clients (wireless) connected to a router in a LAN that's OFFLINE. Also, how are the "results" of the polls received?
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Yes this should be possible. You'd need to install a server onto the main computer - the easiest is http://www.wampserver.com/ if you're running Windows. Then you can download Q2A and install it on there.

There are options in WampServer to "put the server online" which would allow outside connections. Networking isn't my strong point so I'm not sure exactly how it all fits together but I'm sure it's doable!