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What do we expect in 1.7.2 version?
Q2A version: 1.7.1

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It's a bug fix release. Here are the changes:

  • Fix warning under certain conditions on closed questions.
  • Fix meta description not showing on re-routed home pages.
  • Fix missing server-side check regarding allow_multi_answers option.
  • Fix missing title errors when recategorizing questions.
  • Fix database error when profile fields are missing.
  • Fix incorrect link styling for categories privileges in user profile.
  • Prevent blank paragraphs in CKeditor.
  • Fix potential infinite loop in JavaScript from qa_set_display_rules.
  • Change URL test string to avoid Apache mod_security issues.
  • Various minor fixes to themes.
  • Use local Ubuntu font by default.
  • Fix reCAPTCHA dependency on allow_url_fopen configuration.
  • Fix links/redirects to post anchors.
  • Add highlight for answer/comment anchors.
  • Allow PDFs to be displayed in-browser.
  • Add filename for image downloads.
  • Prevent usernames containing . or ..
  • Allow non-default port in MySQL connection.

Details here: http://www.question2answer.org/versions.php

Ah!!!! Info and the new release. Great... Thanks
you are awesome Scott!
Just wondering what "Add filename for image downloads." means here?
@waterfr it means for uploaded images when a visitor downloads it (right click > save image) it gives a file name.
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Upgrade went smooth...

Keep up the good work Scott... Excellent job... :)