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SnowFlat User (Top Menu) Dropdown always open Why?

It suppose to be like this:


But mine is always like this:


How can I make it always close and when ever user click on it opens up

BTW it is working on this site, but not on my site???

Q2A version: 1.7.1
can you say something more , are you using any plugins or any customization ?
no customization but plugins YES...
After answering your question; I found the problem
q2am-next-previous-question plugin causing the problem

When I disable q2am-next-previous-question plugin, it works, when i activate that plugin it is always down
What should do or check?
This is really weird, after delete q2am-next-previous-question and reinstall it everything is fine right now...

Weird weird weird... maybe there was a css conflict and it is gone right now...

All working good.

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