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Many of my users have asked to have a feature to show the most voted and most replied questions. And I always end up telling them that the feature is already there, but this also states one thing clear, that not showing most voted and most replied page links on homepage is just a mistake.

This menus should be on the homepage, or I would rather say that this should not be a menu but a drop down option selector kind of thing. Something like in the pic below.

Having this on the homepage is much better so that users can easily find this and interact with the software much more, after all interactivity is the most important thing in a community websites nowadays.

Q2A version: 1.7.1

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I like all edit, hide, remove bottons for all one icon.

and user after edit or hide information for one icon. Information show after icon botton popup under.

Nice idea   ..
both the pics are good in your answer. But my question is a little different. It is about showing most visited, voted, answered questions on the homepage instead of showing them in Question's page...
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Sorry, I did see this question but you were talking about changing the nav to a dropdown and I missed the part about it being on the home page.

So with regards to the drop down, that's really a theme issue. I think the nav is fine how it is now, if you want to change it you can modify the theme to your liking. (May even be possible to do just a CSS change?)

But yes, it would make sense to have the sub-menu on the home page. The discussion then is what do we show in the sub-menu? Currently there is some inconsistency in the menus:

  • All Activity, Q&A (home page), Questions, and Hot are all available as top-level menu items. Only Questions is shown by default.
  • Under Questions, we have Recent (default), Hot, Most votes, Most answers, and Most views.

If the home page is to show the sub-menu, we need to have a home page link so it can show as selected/highlighted (e.g. "Q&A" or "Recent answers"). Then we have the issue of what to do on the All Activity and Hot pages - show a sub-menu or not?

I'm not sure any site gets this right, even Stack Overflow - they have different tabs on each page:

  • Home page - interesting (or active on other SE sites), featured, hot, week month.
  • Questions - newest, featured, frequent, votes, active, unanswered (plus a separate Unanswered top-level item).
Let me know your thoughts!
For this I would suggest is,

Homepage: Recent(As Selected), )Most Voted, Most Viewed, Most Answers,

Questions Page: Show the same we are showing currently.

Secondly I said about dropdown because the submenu on SnowFlat doesn't look good (it's too tiny). Making it as a dropdown will also be handy when using it mobile rather than clicking on such small links (after all a good and planned UI can improve interactivity manyfolds). Rest it upto you.

Now if you say that where we can add dropdown then, where "Recent questions and answers" is written, that place can be made to dropdown. It won't affect the looks and users will have one more thing to play with.
Problem with that menu ordering is that "Recent" on the home page is different to "Recent" under Questions.

My thinking was to make the home page a sub-item of Questions. So on the home page you'd have Questions highlighted, with "Q&A" in the sub-menu also highlighted. If you click Questions it would show the newest questions. The sub-menu would always be the same:

Q&A / Newest / Hot! / Most votes / Most answers / Most views
Your suggestion is also good. But when homepage is opened, then please do not show "Questions" as selected in top menu.
As soon as user select any other sub-menu then "Questions" in top menu can show as selected.
This is to keep homepage as completely separate rather than a sub part of anything else.