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Has anyone modified the Q2A project to add a field to fill with the email of a person you want to direct the question to? A more interesting approach would be to have that field populated from the user database or even better from an LDAP service.

I know that as per the above question it is very easy -and therefore a partial solution-, for the target expert users to subscribe to the RSS feed. But they wouldn't feel as compelled to reply if they just configure a feed that they really have no motivation on keeping track of.

Q2A version: 1.7.1

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Add @expert using mention notifier where expert is the user name.
Main concern is that when adding a @ within the text area of the Ask a Question page, the list of usernames does not auto populate and so this means that logged user must know exactly the Q2A username(s) of person(s) he/she wants to reach to first when asking such question.
Thank you! :-)
That's a needed feature. I'm trying to get it done. But might not be possible immediately.
Thanks a lot! We will try on our side to add a field within the "Ask a Question" page where we could add email addresses during this time. If we succeed in doing that, we will try to publish it within a plugin. Thanks for your nice and quick feedback!
Thank you, Arjun. I followed the plugin tutorial and I'll check the functions documentation today. Is that 'mention notifier' a function within question2answer?