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I have download the trial version and want users to be able to follow tags, categories, users or questions and be emailed only what they are interested in following.  Looking for RSS related questions, it looks like this is how it is done.  As administrator, I selected all RSS options.  However, I can't see how a user selects what they want to follow.  One answer indicated that an RSS Icon had been implemented, but don't see anywhere.  Another  answer said to follow a question, go to questions and select RSS for that question - can't see how to do that either.

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RSS does depend somewhat on the browser. If you visit the tag page, for example http://www.question2answer.org/qa/tag/question - you may see the orange RSS icon in the address bar.

Users can click that to subscribe using Google Reader, Firefox Live Bookmarks or another RSS reader. There is also a link to the feed in the sidebar on the above page and the home pages.

However, I know that Google Chrome inexplicably has absolutely zero support for RSS (unless you install specific extensions), and in that and Internet Explorer you just see the code when viewing the actual feed - http://www.question2answer.org/qa/feed/tag/question.rss