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I'm trying to understand how QA works.
Could you please help me by answering some naive questions :

- where is the list of all the registred events ? Is QA tolerant with events extensions ?

-  is there a single ( root or primary ) overridable function intercepting all the notifications processes , including mails ? where is it ?

- where is the list of all the pages QA can produce with a given configuration ? I found some answers but I'm not sure it is exhaustive. I must understand which theme template is called for each and to produce a more specific htaccess

- is base-theme->content[ ] reserved ?

- is there a conventional way to act on the plugins load order during the php execution ?
- is it possible for a plugin to override a base script , not extending it , but replacing it ? the base-theme must be called in order to get the other plugins working and sometime it is conflicting with the new theme. Or any workaround to get plugins calling the specific theme and not the base theme ...

- how translations for a given language work ? are there guidelines ? Is QA versatile model taken in account ? Are some folks interested by some online solution ?

- is there a hope to override a function to use a theme outside /qa-theme and a plugin outside /qa-plugins directories ? with a plugin extra loader ?

thank you
Q2A version: 1.7
I found most of the answers in the scripts and the documentation ... I wonder if the next version will change a lot in theme-base.php which can output unwanted datas if one wants to avoid conflict with plugins ... I found one ugly workaround. For the directories , QA is nice but I have to test that other writers don't assume that only generic locations are in use ...

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