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If we give bonus points to a user then an email notification with Congratulations message should be fired to him. But currently nothing like that is happening. This way the user himself will not be able to know that how he got the points.

There will be no need to send the email if the bonus points are in negative but if points are positive then the user should get an email about that.
Q2A version: 1.7
"This way the user himself will not be able to know that how he got the points." -> How do you know where points come from in the rest of the events that change points? You seem to be looking for a feature that tracks points rather than a feature that sends emails
Well we have a table in user's profile which give us an idea where the user got the points. But that is not my issue.
The bonus points have no notification attached to it. So I just want an email with a congratulations message. If the user reads that email then at least he'll get an idea about the point, if not then his bad luck. But 80% users will read the email.
This is a required feature. I guess might be added in the notification system coming in 1.8 or else can be added by a plugin.
I hope this gets added in 1.8 but, chances are very less.
Notifying the user can be done on bonus point award. I was working on the notification for this in the plugin by q2apro, but now waiting for 1.8 notification system.

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