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See http://www.question2answer.org/qa/user/q2apro.com/answers

Kind of usability bug. A user sees his answer list and clicks the title, instead of coming to the answer the question opens "on top". If there are 100 answers it is hard to find your own answer.

The question titles in the /answers/ list should definitely be linked to the answer, i.e. adding the show parameter in the end.
Q2A version: 1.7.1
I personally like how it is implemented now. The user has the choice to either navigate to the question or to the answer in just one click.
If this behavior was changed into your suggestion, if a user wanted to see the question for which they have provided an answer then they would have to scroll up.
I also wouldn't like the fact that this specific list would look the same as any other list but behave differently.
From the usability it makes sense to link the answer from the answer list.

See also stackoverflow, a good reference for usability, example: http://stackoverflow.com/users/1066234/echt-einfach-tv?tab=answers

PS: Few users know that you can click on "asked" and "answered". I discovered that a few months after starting with q2a. This is not obvious.
I liked the idea, actually it would make sense to link answer with answers list. The question can always be seen by scrolling up, but if we go with the current scenario then if there are 100 answers then it would be way difficult to find my own answer.
@q2apro.com I like to compare stackoverflow with Q2A. However, note that there are features that have been present in Q2A before SO. The list in SO is also different from the question list they have.
Regarding the not so obvious feature, then probably this is what should actually be tackled, particularly based on Gurjyot's comment
@Gurjyot As I mentioned in my comment, currently, you can access the question or the answer with only one click. In the suggested scenario you can only access the answer with just one click
@pupi1985: I am quite sure that most users don't know that they can click / have to click the "answered" text...
Just had the situation myself right now, when I needed to check a user's answers for spam. I opened the 30 answers from the user into new tabs. Just afterwards I realized that it opened only the questions.

Then I had to close those 30 tabs again and to click on the "answered" link --- because *I* know that this is possible.
Furthermore, which I regard as a bug: The votes displayed are *not* for the answer but for the question.

If I open an answer list and I see "3 upvotes" I immediately think that those upvotes are for the answer given, because I am on the answers list of user x.

Quite misleading. And I once reported this bug here in the forum: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/23243/count-answers-certain-should-display-votes-answer-question

I see a non-minor problem here.
So, again, this suggests that a *different kind of list* should be used. This could also include removing the view count as it is part of the question rather than the answer. Maybe, in order not to lose a feature (being able to link to the question too), this list could be inverted so that instead of seeing an "answered" link there could be an "asked" link. That way, both behaviors can be kept
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My only thinking is: "it should be as easy as possible."

List of answers:
- Link to answer (wears question title)
- Vote count for answer

We don't need the view count.

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