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I like a gender mod that will require people choose a gender when registering and also have the choice show up in their profile and if  possible  show up on any questions or answers also...
Q2A version: 1.7

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My hack (EUF) may be useful for you. This is core hack, not plugin. Here is a real example.

actually I found a  partial work around it, By simply using the user tools, and add a page to the profile this let me create a place for people to add their gender in their profile, it still does do some of things I want but it will do...
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Under Admin>Users, add a new user profile field. Tick "show on registration form".

To display it on pages is a bit more difficult but should be doable in a theme or preferably via a layer plugin.
I did not see that , thanks, But what about people who have already register would that affect them ?
For people already registered they would have to edit their profile to put in their gender, there is no way to force them.

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