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In a simplified install with voting disabled, I want to number each answer to make it visually easier to see the different answers, by numbering them (and then applying css).
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No.  No, it's not.

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It is definitely possible with some modification. Read up on advanced themes (see main site), then override the function that lists the answers to increment a counter and output the number on each answer.

Another possiblity that may work is using CSS counters. Basically if you target the "qa-a-list-item" class you should be able to add a number in there. Try this in the CSS:


body {
   counter-reset: section; /* Set the section counter to 0 */
qa-a-list-item:before {
  counter-increment: section; /* Increment the section counter */
  content: counter(section); /* Display the counter */
  font-size: 200%; /* style it how you like */
  font-weight: bold;
The CSS-thing is interesting - and something I'm looking at.
Being somewhat anal, I try to get the code basics 'right' rather than relying on css.
My preferred solution is to have the code do the numbering, then perhaps use css to add a color background to alternate answers and thus provide easier differentiation.
I know WP can use a counter variable in the php code, hence my request here.
I've been trying to understand advanced themes, and specifically how the code elements control the published page - but, being non-tech, most of it is beyond my knowledge and I'm finding it hard to grasp.