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How i add after scrolling down sticky releted question?

I use SnowFlat 1.7 q2a use.

My site users add answers for 1 question 6-7 answers. And i show in right sidebar 14 reletad question.

How i show my reletad question fixed scrolling down.

Example video.


Q2A version: 1.7

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Fixed (sticky) position of sidebar has some problems. For example, when sidebars height is greater than screen height, users can not see the part of sidebar. Also, there will be necessary to consider mobile device.

This is one examples of improvements. If you display small internal link to jump to a specific HTML tag within the page at fixed (sticky) position, user experience will be improved. The advantage of this method is that it is not related to the position of the widget.

This is a example of my FlexArmor2 for moving to top or bottom of the page. I'm using this tool well.



Flexarmor is very good theme. But it has disadvantage. Question lists can't be changed like in dude or cleanstrap.  It's important to show all interesting post in homepage instead of the last q-a list. if you do it , i'll buy your theme. Site owner should be able to display different qustions, answers, categories, blog ect. in homepage.
Thank you for your opinion. I do not know CleanStrap well, but I know DUDE. The most difficult (important) point in the theme creation is to make while ensuring compatibility with other plugins. And, Scalability and Customizability. I think Classic, Candy and Snow is great. What do you think why StackOverflow and Quora is so simple? They will have very high design and development skills. I think the answer for theme development will be there.