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I don't have the first option on "URL structure for pages on your site"  enabled (no shiny "ok" near it)

I use Godaddy's Linux Shared Hosting. Not that I think it matters, but my Q&A site isn't the main, default domain on this Shared hosting account, but resides in a sub-directory below it:


Is has anything to do whit this?


I'd appreciate any help!
Still couldn't resolve this. The more pages added to the site, the more crucial this becomes. I'll appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Anyone using Godaddy: do you remember having this option enabled right from the beginning?

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Have you installed the .htaccess file in the subdirectory? Also do you know that the Apache configuration that GoDaddy uses allows .htaccess files to be used?
1. Yes, I installed .htaccess along with the rest of Q2A package.
2. From Godaddy (quoting): "Yes, you can create an .htaccess file for your aliased domain name. "

I might just found a clue:
1. I removed .htaccess on the *main* Godaddy account folder (leaving .htaccess of Q2A untouched)
2. In my site's Q2A admin I got this message:
"The installed version of PHP was compiled without multibyte string support. Searching will be less effective for non-Roman characters."

And option #2: "/index.php/questions/123/why-do-birds-sing " was disabled

Does this help?
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The solution seems to be to make change the following line in the .htaccess file that comes with Q2A:

#RewriteBase /your-sub-directory

... to ...

RewriteBase /

Good! It solved my problem - even when my website is in a subdirectory.
This solution fixed the same problem for me, thanks gidgreen !
Thanks a lot. It worked for me as well
What worked for me to use the sub-dir structure as below and then the option was enabled

RewriteBase /sub-dir-name

But then stylesheet was not loading and the page was ill-formatted. When I changed "qarewrite" to "qa-rewrite" in the below entry in htaccess, it started working!!

RewriteRule ^.*$ index.php?qa-rewrite=$0&%{QUERY_STRING} [L]