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I get the following after uploading images in the editor.


This happens for jpg, png files.   

I am able to add & view the image in the question if I use the URL option of the uploaded files (I am the site admin).


Q2A version: 1.6.3
I have searched this forum for help - and found several others asking similar questions - all without answers.  I have tried using the CKEditor4 but  get exactly the same result.  Moving the images from database to file makes no difference - this pesky problem still stays.  I guess I have missed something really obvious - just point in the direction of the documentation - please.

Come on - one of you must have the answer - the site is for my students learning python and the ability to post an image of their code would really help them.


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If you input invalid URL into "URL" textbox. noimage.png will be displayed in preview tab. When CKEditor can not get uploaded image, noimage.png on preview tab is displayed. If also the image on the file system does not appear, it may be necessary to examine "MIME type". In usually, you can change MIME type settings in your web server OR .htaccess.
thank you for the reply - but after a few hours of digging and wondering why the .htaccess file is getting ignored I have found out that the server is microsoft and not apache.  I've asked t move over.
Oh... Your server is IIS? Although I'm not familiar with IIS, you may need to investigate after enabling trace feature of IIS Manager.