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Related to the previous question...

what function (if any) I can add to header to have a description with the first words of the question (not title).

btw, thanks for your support.
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You should make your own theme following the instructions here:


Your qa-theme.php file should override the head_custom() function, to include the question content in the header. The example below would include the whole question content:


    class qa_html_theme extends qa_html_theme_base
        function head_custom()
            if ($this->template=='question')
                $this->output('<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="'.strip_tags(@$this->content['q_view']['content']).'">');


If you want to just get the first few words, you can use qa_string_to_words() in qa-util-string.php, then array_slice() to get the first few words, then implode() to concatenate them back into the original string.