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i know this question has been asked  many times but there is no proper solution . i have delted all extra plugins and themes and its still same . when  edited qa-page.js qa_ajax_errors line the error didn't came but the comment or vote didn't happened either . so plz helppppppp
Whats there in your server PHP error log file
Logs will help. Also, what changes have you performed to qa-page.js and why did you make them?
After i deleted the qa-page.js file i now see things are working. Is it ok now . Is it ok not to have a qa-page.js file ?
Removing the qa-page.js means no AJAX operations will works and it will load a whole new page for everything, even voting.

To debug the issue, the best way is to use Chrome:
1. Open Chrome Dev Tools
2. Go to the network tab.
3. Tick "Preserve log" at the top, and also in the Console at the bottom.
4. Do an action on the site, for example voting. A new "request" should appear in the list.
5. Check if there are any errors in the console.
6. If the request there is in red there was a server error, it should say what that is.
7. Otherwise, click the item in the list then look at the Response tab on the right hand side, under normal circumstances it should say QA_AJAX_RESPONSE plus some numbers or other data.

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Sam i had the same issue and i fixed it by changing my server's php.ini post_max_size from 32M  to 128M

if you are on a shared hosting account, you will need to either contact your server admin to do the changes or overide the php.ini post_max_size directive with a .htaccess file.

Open your .htaccess file and add

php_value post_max_size 128M


Of course you cn change the 128M to any value of your choice.

you must restart your server for the changes to take effect.