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How do I revert back and access admin?  Thanks!!


-->  I'm getting a BLANK page after changing <title></title>  under admin / layout

this is really bad for traffic / users


-->  Where is the admin / layout code saved to so I can change it back??

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Reposting this from the duplicate question:

  1. Calm down buddy, getting angry ain't gonna help.
  2. Avoid making changes on live sites without testing on a development machine first!!
  3. It sounds like you put some invalid HTML into one of the layout boxes. First check the source of the page, you'll probably see most of the HTML there. You could then either (a) use DevTools or Firebug to edit the source of the page to remove the bad HTML, get the page visible again and save it; or (b) find the appropriate option in the qa_options table in your database and edit it (e.g. using phpMyAdmin).
Thx for responding!  No Q2A content is loading, only CSS and JS.  Is there a correlating thing under phpAdmin that will let me undo the changes I made in Admin > Layout ?
Dude THANK YOU A TON.  Found the bad code under phpMyAdmin, deleted it and booom! back online.  thanks a bunch