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Hai I need to edit the current layout of login page and I need to divide the whole login div into two parts whose width will be 50% each. So the login form will be displayed in left side and the right side will need to display facebook login button ang google loggin button. This is my need But how can edit these change . I didn't found the exact page which we I need to edit. Please help me as soon as possible

Thanks in advance
Q2A version: version 1.6.3

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take a look at qa-include/qa-page-login.php and see if you could pass your way.

Update: $qa_content is the content of a Q2A page. This variable is an array can consist of some key and value pieces. for example $qa_content['form'], $qa_content['custom'], .... Check qa-include/qa-theme-base.php function main_part for that.

When you use $qa_content['form'] in your page, the function form() in qa-theme-base has called. When you use $qa_content['custom'], the function  custom() has called and so on.

Then you have two approaches for your work:

1) use some defined pieces for $qa_content on login page

2) define new piece (override qa-theme-base.php functions in your theme qa_theme.php file) and then add appropriate code into main_part function.

Note: Second is better normally.

I hope that could help you continue the way.

Yup I found the file. But where the login div defined. I saw the login fields converted to html using function qa_lang_html. But my need is different. Will you please tell the solution little more specific

If your current theme doesn't make impossible that you want (by overriding some theme base functions and adding some layers), then you can change content of the page in $qa_content variable (sets in last lines of qa-page-login.php). I add some information in my answer soon