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Hi everyone, I would like to ask, who knows an Android developer.

I started a project in late 2007, called "First Aid on your Mobile", and developed it actively until 2009: http://www.firstai.de/

The project is free, and available for Java Phones (see java versions), Windows Mobile, Flash Lite (some old phones use it), and HTML-Version for iPhone.

Problem is, an Android App is missing.

All the source code, images and resources can be found at github: https://github.com/kaikajus/firstai.de (there are also audio files, coz I and some volunteers made mp3 files reading the first aid measures.)

I wished that someone can take the data and throw it into an Android App that we can release completely free in the google play store.



PS: Here is a list of finished translations, some are not yet available in the software: http://www.firstai.de/wiki/index.html#Translation_Done

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